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Kuroshituji Indonesian Roleplay Forum

A Roleplay based on Kuroshitsuji Anime. Come here if you are Indonesian, or can understand and speak Indoensian~

indonesian, kuroshitsuji, forum, roleplay, free


original rpg dengan original base story

neverworld, original


LOCKers Team Scanlation

locker, detective, manga, lockers, scanlation

Vongola Indo

KHR Indonesian Fans and RolePlaying Forum. Vongola Indo

katekyou, katekyoushi, hitman, reborn, roleplay, indonesian, anime


An OC Role Play Forum of 07 Ghost for Indonesian

07ghost, role, play, forum, indonesia


Private weightloss forum


Free forum : Ouran's School

Free forum : The RPG Forum with based on manga and anime created by Bisco Hatori

free, ouran's, school

CLAMP Factory

RPG forum based from CLAMP

clamp, factory, based, from


Indonesian Fantasy Role-Play Forum

alandria, fantasy, role-playing, forum

Fullmetal Alchemist Lover Indo

Full Metal Alchemist Lover. Come Here and Join!!!

fullmetal, alchemist, indo, forum, indonesian, fma-li, lover

Anti Girls' Generation(AGG)

International Forum for Anti Snsd AGG Till end because they'r not our generation!

international, antis, anti, girls', generation(agg), stand, antis, because, they'r, generation!

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