After Midnight Project

Instead of worrying about stuff that doesn't matter, make some friends. Not like the hundred soldiers that deserted you, just one. One friend that'd be willing to spill blood with you!

after, midnight, project, instead, worrying, about, stuff, #that, doesn't, matter, make, some, friends, like, hundred, soldiers, deserted, just, friend, that'd, willing, spill, blood, with, you!

Life is a Reality

when I sleep I dreamed that life was very beautiful and easy to pass me but when I awoke from the dream I realized that life is a struggle. and my answer is "yes" is a fact of life

life, reality, when, sleep, dreamed, #that, very, beautiful, easy, pass, awoke, from, dream, realized, struggle, answer, "yes", fact


Light Novel Project yang bercerita tentang Kegelapan dan Cahaya mempunya kebenaran yang sama. When the Light and Darkness is the truth, that's where I live

feather, light, novel, project, manga, anime, truth, that's, where, live, yukimura, seka, tsukiyama, moon, alone, darkness, fevermix, fever

B-Soft Forum

This forum is created with the aim to discuss about software that's been made by the B-Soft and other related computer.

b-soft, forum, musik, komputer, software, with, discuss, about, that's, been, made, other, related, computer

The Area of Obscurum

An RPG forum that based from original idea.

area, obscurum, forum, #that, based, from, original, idea

Komunitas PRBK GIA Pontianak

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strenght, they shall mount up wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint

komunitas, prbk, pontianak, heart, ministry, they, #that, wait, upon, lord, shall, renew, their, strenght, mount, wings, eagles


Indonesian Gamers forum, that discuss about RF Private Server Indonesia and International.

private, bkzcheater, cheat, point, blank, online, offline, game, cheatrohan, ayodance, privaterf


Talk about anything that you want

william, orpheus

Thrisquencher Atelier

This is an indonesian forum for game making resource, artworks, music, and any kind of those that is allied with rpgmakerid. com

thrisquencher, atelier, rpgmakerid, rpgmaker, resource, script, game, maker, artwork, indonesia, anime, vector, pixel, sprite, charset, music, midi, jass, ruby

Syndicate Code Community

The Code That Can't Be Change

syndicate, code, community, lyner

Canon Team

Ini adalah Forum yang saya buat untuk para teman-teman dan rekan-rekan yang mau baca komik dan bermain game online, terutama di Indonesia. This is a forum that I made for friends and colleagues who

canon, forum, discussion, hidupku, potensiku, jaringanku, saya, buat, untuk, para, teman-teman, rekan-rekan, yang, baca, komik, bermain, game, online, terutama, indonesia, this

RPG Maker VX / VX Ace / XP

you can share your game or ask something that related with rpg maker


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