RF Classic

RF Classic 2. 2. 3. 2 Server Info Player Exp Rate = 1000x PT/Force = 1000x animus Exp Rate= 1500x Drop Rate= 10x Mining Rate= 20x Yang Lainnya Mirip RF Indo ! !


RF Dark Legion

Rate Server RF Dark Legion : Exp : 1000x PT & SKILL GM Quest 50 & 56 off lelang off Active Guild honor Animus x7000 Sell rate 1 slot gli, beam, rian 200 juta Max donation +7 Max non

dark, legion,, #rate, server, 1000x pt, skill, gm quest, off lelang, off active, guild, honor animus, x7000 sell, slot

Ragnarok Alay

High Rate Private Server

ragnarok, alay, high, #rate, private, server

ESS Guild Official Forum

Zero Low Rate Ragnarok Guild

guild, official, forum, zero, #rate, ragnarok

Royalties Community

Max lvl 66 Max Donation +6 No Over Power Donation New Weapon New MAU No Quest 50-56 No Lag Server Allow Up To +5 Exp X700 Drop X50 Sell Rate 30x 99gli/beam = 200jt ANIMUS 1000x Mining 30

royalties, community, 66 max, donation, +6 no, over, power, donation new, weapon new, mau no, quest, 50-56 no, server allow, +5 exp, x700 drop, x50 sell, #rate

Broken AION 3.0 Forum

The Best PvP Server.

aion, private, server, broken, high, #rate

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