Yume Miru RPF

Rp set in a artificial, dream world. Yume Miru RPF

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Life is a Reality

when I sleep I dreamed that life was very beautiful and easy to pass me but when I awoke from the dream I realized that life is a struggle. and my answer is "yes" is a fact of life

life, reality, when, sleep, dreamed, that, very, beautiful, easy, pass, awoke, from, #dream, realized, struggle, answer, "yes", fact

Dream Life


#dream, life, roleplay

Luna Dream Online

Pendaftaran, diskusi, chitchat, pendapat, keluhan, request. silahkan ditulis disini . agar server bisa menjadi lebih baik .

luna, #dream, online, pendaftaran, diskusi, chitchat, pendapat, keluhan, request, silahkan, ditulis, disini, agar, server, bisa, menjadi, lebih, baik

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